Anyone have experience with Fetlife? Is it Safe?

Anyone have experience with Fetlife? Is it Safe?

On a side note I had a friend that was setup from a dating site thinking he was meeting up with a girl and he ended up being robbed and killed

I’m one of those dudes who start to worry once plans actually come to fruition. I signed up to Fetlife and found a girl who is into foot worship and also in my area. I messaged her saying I’d be down for a session. It only took a day for her to message back and ask if I can host and when I want to meet up.

A part of me feels like this might be a bit too good to be true. Does this seem fishy to you guys as well or is this how the site works? I’m a bit ambivalent with inviting a stranger into my apartment regardless of what’s planned. Do you think it’d be a good idea to talk with her for a while longer before being so quick to invite her over? I’m also a bit on the fence due to the whole social distancing thing lol.

Yeah I met up with a woman from Fetlife and felt the same way as you that it was too good to be true. She had mostly pictures of her feet which is what grabbed my attention in the first place although her face was removed from most of the photos. I messaged her and she replied rather quickly. She insisted on messaging for several days, perhaps even a week or more before she offered her number. Like most guys I’m sure you’re wondering (hoping) you’re not texting some dude the whole time or you’re not being lured into some setup. Not to scare you off but it does happen and it plays out in the back of my mind anytime I match with a woman online.

I had her lay on her stomach in the backseat while I sat on the other side and worked her wrinkled soles up and down (didn’t take too long since her wrinkled soles were so sexy) and I came very loud and blew a huge load all over her soles

We did end up talking on the phone for a few days before we eventually were able to coordinate our schedules and arrange an in person meetup. DO NOT give out your home address up front, meet up in a public place. Frankly I never take a woman to my home, I always get a nice hotel room. We met in a parking lot and she jumped in my vehicle. We talked for a bit and she asked if I wanted to see her feet. Hell yes I did and I sniffed, kissed and worshiped those feet until I couldn’t take it anymore and asked her if she wanted to get cozy in the backseat. I asked her what she was comfortable with doing and she was understandably nervous (as was I) and she caressed my hard on over my shorts with her foot and then eventually up the leg. I asked her if she was ok with me taking my shorts off and she was and then I decided to go for broke and ask for a footjob which she obliged.

We met up a few weeks later in a hotel room and had sex as well as plenty of foot action and she let me take pics and vids of her feet. She also gave me THE BEST blowjob I’ve ever experienced in my entire life and for my first orgasm she slurped up every last drop. She was incredibly vocal and loud while we had sex and it made me very nervous that everyone on that floor could hear us so I tried to hold back a little.

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